Project Code: WELD-01-054
Sponsor:Weldwood of Canada Ltd.

This Project was in support of the development of the 10th episode of the "This Living World Series", entitled "Forests of Canada".

Objectives included documenting the progress of Canada’s forest sector, examining how those who work in the forest continue to develop new techniques of forest management, and compare the management of the boreal forests of Canada with forests in a number of other countries.

Filming of the 10th episode of the series was completed in December 1999 and premiered in January 2000 on CTV to an audience of approximately 3,000,000. This video examined the importance of Canadian forests and the progress being made in the management and conservation of these forests. It also examined the diversity and dynamics of Canada’s forests both in wilderness and urban settings.

Wilderness & Urban Settings
Forest Management/Conservation
Diversity & Dynamics
Forests of Canada