Project Code: TOLKHL-01-059
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Tolko Industries Ltd.
Region:FMU F11
Project Status:Complete

The objective of this project was to demonstrate the potential of using freely available public satellite data to detect change in the Alberta Vegetation Inventory (AVI) using SkyForestTM. The project was able to analyse AVI stands individually and compare them to the current forest condition on key metrics of interest. The entire project took a few months, including a field sampling program. A specific objective for this project was to determine the current (2017) relative proportion of conifer and deciduous stands on non-FMA Forest Management Unit (FMU) F11, so as to provide a limited comparison of the existing Alberta Vegetation Inventory. The project demonstrates the usefulness of a satellite-based inventory such as SkyForestTM as a tool for forest managers in assessing the condition in, and change of, their wood supply. The project results are included in a report entitiled, “Over-storey Vegetation Assessment for Forest Management Unit F11 using SkyForestTM” submitted by Tolko Industries Ltd., February 2018.