Project Code: VANDER-01-010
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Vanderwell Contractors

The primary goal of this Project was to increase the net gain through fertilization after commercial thinning of middle-aged [seventy year old] white spruce stands in the Lesser Slave Region of Alberta.

Project objectives included enhancement of tree growth through fertilization of white spruce left after commercial thinning, and monitoring of the subsequent impact of thinning and fertilizer applications.

Commercial thinning of these stands occurred in 1997. The operational Feritizer Trial was carried out in 1998 and permanent sample plots established shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately the catastrophic Chisholm Fire of 2001 destroyed the thinned stands along with the sample plots. As a result only two years of data was available rather the five years originally intended.

Available results have been published in a forty-seven page report entitled "Fertilization of Commercially-Thinned White Spruce in the South Mitsue Area, Alberta", authored by D.A. MacIsaac, and dated February 2003.

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