Project Code: WEYGP-01-091
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.

Reduction of intra & interspecific competition for light, nutrients and growing space within regenerated conifer stands was the primary purpose of this Project.

Specific objectives included releasing stocked conifer [Pl/Sw] from deciduous competition, and maintaining subsequent conifer survival and growth.

During the late Summer and early Fall of 2003 – five cutblocks comprising of53.6 hectares were mechanically
cleaned/tended; and twenty-four blocks comprising of671.4 hectares were treated with an aerial application of the herbicide -"Vantage F " at a rate of six litres per hectare.

Project results are summarized in a three page report entitled "Odum Ridge Stand Tending – Grande Prairie 2003", prepared by Don Petteplace, and dated December 21, 2004.

Conifer Release
Mechanical Tending – Brushsaw
Herbicide – Aerial
Cleaning & Tending
Density Management
Weyerhaeuser Canada