Project Code: DMI-01-036
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Daishowa Marubeni

The primary purpose of this Project was to install a long term, head to head applied research trial that compares various mechanical site preparation methods and intensities in the establishment of fast growing hardwood plantations.

Supplementary and secondary objectives included – determination of the establishment potential of area-based hybrid poplar and hybrid aspen on agriculture land, and the development of a multi-option site preparation mainframe that combines passive subsoil disturbance with high speed surface mixing and bedding for use in afforestation.

The establishment and field work associated with this Project was carried out over the 2001 and 2002 spring/summer/fall seasons.

The results to date are contained in a twenty page report c/w appendixes entitled "Microsite Impact on Establishment of Fast Growing Hardwoods", authored by Tim Keddy and Derek Sidders, and dated July 25th, 2003.

Agriculture Land
Mechanical Site Preparation
Fast Growing Hardwoods