Project Code: TOLKHL-01-016
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Tolko Industries Ltd. - High

The purpose of this Project was to compile a comprehensive reference document providing life requisite information on a number of selected terrestrial indicator species in northwest Alberta.

Objectives included outlining basic biology, detailing life requisites (food, security cover, & thermal cover), and specific life requisites (courtship/mating, hibernation, migration, reproduction, & staging) for each of the selected species.

The literature review, analysis, and reporting for this Project was carried out over the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2002.

The Project deliverables are contained in a 286 page report available in digitized form. Thirty-two indicator species are covered and the "write-up" for each one covers such sub-topics as: introduction, food requirements, preferred habitat, reproduction, community structure, management implications, research needs, and literature cited.

Northwest Alberta
Western Boreal Forest
Terrestrial Indicator Species
Life Requisites