Project Code: MW-01-068
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.

This report contains information that will allow Millar Western to begin the process of incorporating fire into their detailed Forest Management Plan (FMP).

This report consists of four sections: an overview of fire history and fire environment of the Millar Western’s Forest Management Agreement (FMA) area, evaluation of the fire component of LANDIS, a landscape level simulation model, a review of the fundamental principles and concepts necessary for incorporating fire into timber supply modeling, and a series of actions that can be taken to integrate fire into strategic and operational forest management.

The report provides procedures and information to understand and assess the historic role and potential impact of fire in Millar Western’s FMA. The information can be used in the development of Millar Western’s detailed FMP, and is intended to serve as a guide for forest companies and organizations that seek to integrate fire management and forest management.