Project Code: MDFP-01-011
Sponsor:Manning Diversified Forest

The purpose of this Project was to propose a cooperative approach to protecting and enhancing both the public forest resource and the management of Alberta’s forests through the development of a forest pest management system for the Northwest Boreal Region of Alberta.

The objective of the Project was to implement the first phase of the forest pest management system through the initial establishment and evaluation of the monitoring network.

This was a cooperative Project that involved the following organizations; the Canadian Forest Service, Slave Lake Pulp Company, Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd., Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd., Vanderwell Contractors Ltd., Canadian Forest Products Ltd., and the Alberta Lands and Forest Service. The results of this Project were compiled in the report titled,"Final Report For: Northwest Regional Working Group", dated February 17th, 1999.

monitoring network
forest pest
Northwest Regional Working Group