Project Code: DMI-01-009
Sponsor:Daishowa Marubeni International Ltd.

The objective of this study was to evaluate harvesting and silviculture methods for their ability to reduce wind damage to immature white spruce and further, to determine their effects on aspen regeneration.

The study was conducted and completed by various agencies in the Peace River area of Alberta. The final report contains descriptions of the following studies: Stand Response to Understory Protection Techniques, Effects of Soil Disturbance on Soil Properties and Aspen regeneration along Skid-trails, Modeling Growth and Yield for Hotchkiss Understory Protection Project, Harvesting Productivity Research, Hotchkiss Technology Transfer, and Monitoring of Maximum Windspeeds at the Hotchkiss River Mixedwod Management Demonstration Project.

The final report provides the reader with a brief description, and the location of reports or findings related to each study.