Project Code: WEYGP-01-094
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd.
Project Status:Complete
The primary role of the GPESES board is to work with the Alberta Science Network Regional Education Director to provide local forest professionals to assist with presentations for Grande Prairie and surrounding area students regarding the current science based curriculum such as forestry, energy or other science related topics. The programs supported by the GPESES continue to enhance the understanding of the forest as a resource by providing opportunities to learn about forestry and other science issues through hands on activities, field study and presentations.
Summary of Activities:
The Walk Through the Forest event was converted to a self-guided learning event through an App called LoQuiz. The APP guided the students through a scavenger hunt around a 1km forested trail. There was a background story that described to the students that their role was to save the forest from a mad scientist and army of destructive beavers. The students worked their way through a series of virtual stations that required them to answer questions about forests, the environment and forest management and upload photos as they made their way along the trail. This event reached approximately 900 students. The feedback was good, students enjoyed the opportunity to get out in the “forest” and thought the scavenger hunt aspect was informative, relevant and students were engaged.
PESES contracted a local videographer, MOJO Media, to film an outdoor presentation on the history of Arbor Day and the importance of trees, forests and forest products. The link to the video was shared with all the classrooms we would normally visit so that the teachers would have something to use as a supplement to their lesson. Volunteers delivered seedlings to the schools so the Grade 1 students could each bring one home to plant. We were also able to provide seedlings to the grade 2 classes that missed the opportunity in 2020. The seedlings and video reached approximately 2,200 students at 39 schools. International Paper also provided educational posters for all the schools regarding trees and tree planting.
Link to the GPESES Arbor Day Video:
In 2021 GPESES supported Taiga Heritage’s “Past to Class” outdoor education field trip to explore archeology, its significance to First Nations communities and its use in Forest Management. This event reached approximately 125 students in grade 10, 11 & 12.
  • Final detailed report, forestry related presentations and activities for students in grade 10, 11, & 12