Project Code: ZAVISH-01-001
Sponsor:Zavisha Sawmills Ltd.

The overall objective of this Project was two-fold – one to increase public awareness and knowledge of Alberta’s forest resource, and two to provide a teaching aid for the Forestry Educator in the local schools.

Field work on the George Lake Interpretative Trial commenced September 2002 and final completion of construction occurred June 11th, 2004.

In all, approximately 1.8 kilometres of interpretive trail was constructed; two lookout points/rest areas plus one additional rest area were developed c/w complementary rest benches; forty interpretative signs were developed [thirty of which were installed and ten held in reserve as replacement for vandalized signs]; and one Trail Map Sign was constructed/painted and erected.

Final Project results are contained in a twenty-four page summary report entitled "George Lake Interpretative Trail", prepared

Resource Education
Hiking & Interpretative Trail
Zavisha Sawmills Ltd.
George Lake [near Hines Creek, AB]