Project Code: FOOMOD-01-027
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:fRI Research
Region:BMA 4 and 7
Project Status:Complete

Purpose and Deliverables

The purpose of the project included the following:
• Complete the 2018 DNA population inventory projects for BMA 4 and 7
• Publish 6 recent GBP research projects in the scientific literature
• Support students with the publication of approximately 10 new research papers from the 4 year NSERC/CRD project that was supported by FRIAA
• Develop procedures and mechanisms to allow ongoing access to long term GBP data sets
• Prepare a Strategic Plan with fRI GIS department to ensure the needed updates, improvements and support of the GB planning tools products
• Deliver the needed communication elements (summary reports, Web postings, events) as requested by program partners to conclude the program

The intent of the project was to provide much needed grizzly bear population data for BMA 4 and 7, as well as assisting Alberta forest companies with providing bear population information toward their forest management plans.

The final report summarizes the result of 23 years of the fRI Research Grizzly Bear Program. The research team has published 164 research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals. The report contains the abstracts or summaries of some of these as well as 30 unpublished reports.

Deliverables include:
1. Final report detailing the results of the 2018 BMA7 grizzly bear population inventory
2. Final report detailing the results of the 2018 BMA 4 grizzly bear population inventory, which also includes a comparison with the 2005 inventory results to assess trend
3. Scientific paper describing Grizzly Bear Health/Environmental condition relationships (FRIAA funded project)
4. Scientific publication investigating linkages between forestry practices, ungulates, and the habitat use, predation behaviour and biological performance of grizzly bears in and adjacent to woodland caribou range (FRIAA funded project with other partners)
5. Scientific paper describing the state of our knowledge about the relationships between Grizzly Bears and Pipelines in Alberta
6. Research publications from the 4 year NSERC/CRD project (FRIAA funded with industry partners)
7. A formal protocol and procedures document from fRI Research that provides clear direction to the numerous program partners on how to access program data
8. Summary documents, annotated summary, video postings and other, as directed by program partners.


The final report is divided into headings concerning the research done on grizzly bears, including:

The Environmental Context (mapping, landscape structure, vegetation, climate)
Studying Grizzly Bears (survey methods, population, inventory, genetics, telemetry)
Bear Biology and Behaviour (natural history, diet, behaviour, genetics)
Grizzly Bear Responses (habitat quality, disturbance, contact with humans, recreation, industry, food and climate)

Each sub-section of the report lists a number of published papers are identified with links to their locations, relevant to the section under study.

Appendix 2 of the final report lists a summary of 51 papers subsequently published by graduate students, based on their work during this project.

Appendix 3 of the final report lists some of the research that was in progress but not yet published by the end of the project period. 12 papers are currently under review.