Project Code: SUNPIN-01-019
Sponsor:Sunpine Forest Products

The primary objective of this Project was to utilize the television media and piggyback a public education segment onto the popular "Fishing Alberta" Shows, so as to better inform the general public regarding forest management issues and practices in the foothills and mountains of Southwest Alberta.

The two "Fishing Alberta" Shows [Lynx Creek & Ram River] were aired on the A-Channel – March 25 and May 6, 200l. Each of these shows contained a 10-minute segment that focused on forest management issues/practices as they pertain to watersheds and fishing streams.

Subsequently [late 2002], these two Shows were adapted for airing on "The Learning Channel"; and another two minute segment linked to "Fishing Alberta’ was developed that counseled/demonstrated responsible off-highway vehicle use.

Participants/partners included "Fishing Alberta"[RDTV], ACCESS TV, The Learning Channel, and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

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