Project Code: WEYGP-01-017
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.

Object & Deliverables

The overall aim of this Project was the provision of a forest educator resource person to interact primarily with teachers in the classroom offering assistance with the existing forestry curriculum components.

Supporting objectives included increasing forest literacy of the children in the K – 12 levels, and to assist teachers throughout the Grande Prairie Public, Grande Prairie Separate, and Peace Wapiti School Systems.

School visitations, presentations and nature hikes associated with the delivery of this Project took place over the period 1997-1998 through the school year 2003-2004. During that time approximately 19,354 students were reached, and about 1,031 presentations/nature hikes were carried out.


Final Report

Project results are detailed in Annual Reports for each of the seven school years covered by this contract, i.e. 1997/98 to and including 2003/04 – each of which is located in the FRIAA File.

Greater Grande Prairie Area
Weyerhaeuser Canada
Forestry Education
Grades K to 12
Support Educators/Resource Materials