Project Code: ANC-01-029
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Weyerhaeuser Company Limited

Object & Deliverables

In 1999, the Foothills Model Forest (FMF) initiated an international, co-operative, multidisciplinary grizzly bear research program in the Yellowhead Ecosystem of west-central Alberta. The long-term objective of the six-year program was to provide land and resource managers with the knowledge and planning tools to ensure the continuing conservation of grizzly bears in Alberta. The research program focused on management issues through assessment of grizzly bear populations, bear response to human activities, and habitat conditions to provide land managers with tools to integrate grizzly bear “needs” into the land management decision-making framework. The development of tools and techniques is an important outcome of the program as it allows managers to implement appropriate actions designed to conserve grizzly bears at a landscape level. Conservation at a landscape level is a critical component to the successful management of grizzly bear populations throughout Alberta and North America.

Final Report

A full listing of research and technical papers is available on the FMF website at