Project Code: LRRF-01-013
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Little Red River Forestry Ltd.

The purpose of this Project was to improve the forest resource through stand tending in blocks that had a high level of competition, which was impeding the growth of conifer crop trees.

Project objectives included reducing inter-specific competition, and creating an environment where conifer crop trees can maintain free to grow standards.

The field activities related to this Project were carried out over the period of September & October 2004. During this time, nineteen blocks were stand tended comprising 284.4 hectares in total. Brush saws were utilized throughout. Deciduous densities, stem diameters & heights were considerably less than previously experienced in the MOF Blocks, thus lower unit costs. In this case, overall treatment costs of $572.70 per hectare resulted.

Project results are summarized in a twenty-five page report entitled " Stand Tending Final Report (LRRF-01-13)", prepared by Allen Plantinga, and dated December 17, 2004.

Mechanical Tending
Brush Saws
Little Red River Forestry
Conifer Release
Density Management