Project Code: MPR-01-044
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Mercer Peace River Pulp Ltd.
Project Status:Complete
The primary objective for developing and maintaining the Dixonville Community Forest is to promote education about the boreal forest and provide outdoor recreation opportunities for the local community, visitors to the area and more importantly the Dixonville school. This is accomplished via low impact access development, completed with assistance from area volunteers and the Alberta Junior Forest Rangers. Informative signage and workshops regarding specific boreal features, winter trail grooming for cross country skiing and an extensive wild bird feeding and nest box program provide education opportunities in the area. Tree planting by the local school students, bird banding demonstrations carried out in conjunction with the community library, plant identification workshops with NAIT Centre for Boreal Research and bird nesting materials placed along the trails by girl guides are but few examples of the organized activities within the Dixonville Community Forest.
A key component missing from the community forest is a showcase of boreal wetlands. This project proposes the construction of a 100′ section of wetland “boardwalk” and 100′ of trail construction connecting to the primary trail. This will enable pedestrian traffic to safely access the small wetland that exists on the west side of the forest. Access to the wetland portion of the forest will allow targeted messaging via signage and potential for instructor-led wetland information sessions with local residents and students.
  • Informative signage, outdoor workshops and activities, boardwalk and trail maintenances