Project Code: BRL-01-028
Area:Applied Research
Sponsor:Blue Ridge Lumber (1981)

The purpose of this Project was the study of the effects of a large wildfire in comparison to forest harvesting practices on the surface waters of the western Boreal Forest.

Project objectives included collection of data on the disturbance impact on water quality of lakes & streams in conifer dominated watersheds, the quantification of contaminant loadings in fish and game following fire events and their associated human health implications.

Over the Summer and early Fall of 1998, five creeks & rivers and five ponds & lakes were sampled for water quality and degree of contamination by the Western Aquatic Group and the Alberta Department of Health.

Final results are published in two reports: "The Virginia Hills Fire of 1998 and the Opportunity to Evaluate the Impact of Fire on Water Quality in Upland Stands on the Boreal Plain" – E.E. Prepas et al, November 2000; and "Characteristics of PAHs, PCDD/Fs, and PCBs in Sediment Following Forest Fires in Northern Alberta" – Stephan Gabos et al.

Blue Ridge Lumber
Forest Harvesting
Water Quality Impacts