Project Code: TPT-01-002
Program: FRIP

Object & Deliverables


The purpose of this project was to produce multiple deliverables including the following;

  • ground truthing of AVI map label supported with plot data for species composition and forested stand volumes and other stand attributes.
  • Ecosite classification and documented strata standard inventory of plant communities and site characteristics.
  • Ecological information, such as ecosite unit and soil characteristics will be documented. Comments, observations and recommendations will be organized for management interpretation, which will assist HFP to develop a strategy to successfully implement their reforestation program.
  • Assess opportunities for enhanced forest management.
  • Develop an ecological knowledge base of the area for consideration towards ecosystem stewardship to ensure ecosystem sustainability (maintain bio-diversity and ecosystem productivity). Determine the most effective and most economical reforestation tactic.
  • Assess and document the site characteristics and determine the inventory of limiting factors to conifer growth and establishment to aid in determining planting densities and stock type.
  • Development of a reforestation strategy well in advance of harvesting. Contribute to TPT soils inventory. All of which are correlated to past surveys conducted with FRIAA funding.

Final Report


The final report worked to substantiate, report and make informed amendments to TPT’s forest harvest plan.