Project Code: ATLAS-01-016
Program: FRIP
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Atlas Lumber (Alberta) Ltd.

Object & Deliverables


The primary purpose of this Project was the delivery of a cooperative fisheries inventory in specified drainages of the Blairmore Fisheries Management Area and to complement previously collected Cooperative Fisheries Inventory information.

Specific objectives included gathering current fisheries presence/absence data, ranking aquatic habitat within priority areas, inputting data into the Fisheries Management Information System [FMIS], and ensuring that these fisheries’ information are stored in a standardized GIS compatible database that can routinely be updated in map format.

Final Report

Field work associated with this Project was carried out over the period June 12th to September 25th, 2004 inclusive. During that time, 50 backpack electroshocking inventory surveys on five separate drainages were completed, and population estimates conducted on 5 streams & three high mountain lakes.

Project results are contained in a thirty-nine page report entitled “Cooperative Fisheries Inventory Program – 2003 Annual Report – Blairmore Area” prepared by the Alberta Conservation Association, and dated May 2004.

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