Project Code: OF-02-13
Sponsor:Inside Education

The primary purpose of this Project was to develop a formal field – based forest education site c/w supporting mechanisms for students and the public in the Capital Region of Alberta.

Project objectives included development of a field education program that focused on integrated resource management in a forested area; and provision of supporting mechanisms within the existing Cooking Lake – Blackfoot Grazing, Wildlife, and Provincial Recreation Area.

Over the Spring & Fall of 2004 and the Spring of 2005 – 2,087 students and 293 adults were led through day long series of hands-on/interactive activities located in the Cooking Lake/Blackfoot Forest Demonstration Area.

Final Project results are summarized in a four page report entitled "Cooking Lake/Blackfoot Demonstration Forest – Final Report", prepared by Steve McIsaac, and dated March 2006.

Elementary Level (Grade 6)
Inside Education
Alberta Capital Region
Hands-On/ Interactive Tours
Forest Education Field Site
Cooking Lake/Blackfoot PRA