Object & Deliverables

This CIF Technical session was supported by FRIP funding from Weyerhaeuser Pembina and West Fraser Timber for the value of $6000.   The meeting was held remotely using the REMO platform.   There were 12 invited presentations/leaders for this event.   There were ~100 registrants online during the event.  The powerpoint presentations and a video capture of the presentations is available to the supporting companies and the CIF-RMS website.

The results of the Technical Session can be summarized as:

The industrial wood supply from public lands is at risk in Alberta from natural disturbances and landbase withdrawals while simultaneously being asked to provide for an increasing timber harvest rate. While maintaining the timber landbase is critical, we believe that the only truly sustainable way of increasing wood supply is by growing more wood. Meeting these wood supply goals will require the application of tree improvement and intensive silviculture programs on the best sites to increase timber productivity, reduce rotation lengths, and close timber supply gaps. The best path forward to meeting Alberta’s  wood supply goals is to grow more timber.


Final Report

A summary for this event will be published in the Forestry Chronicle.   ‘Wood supply challenges in Alberta – Growing more timber is the only sustainable solution’ by Bradley D. Pinno, Barb R. Thomas and Victor J. Lieffers