Project Code: MWI-01-018
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest

The purpose of this Project was to improve the growth rate and condition of over dense 40 year old fire origin pine stands.

The objective of this Project was to reduce the density of pine stands by treating smaller, suppressed trees with Release® using a one sided low volume application from backpack sprayers. All stands were in CTLW090013 with original stand densities ranging from 8,000 to 15,000 trees per hectare.

A final stand density of 4,500 trees per hectare was achieved instead of the original target of 3,500 trees per hectare as to not excessively open the stand and risk an increased potential for wind damage. A total of 302.76 hectares were treated.

Millar Western Forest Products
Stand Tending Herbicide
Conifer Release