Project Code: ANC-01-024
Program: FRIP
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:ANC Timber Ltd.

Object & Deliverables

The project involved the operational study of complete thinning of stands in the Fir and Windfall areas using the technique of Basal Bark with Release® Silvicultural Herbicide (Triclopyr). Treatment stands chosen were densely stocked, fire origin pine stands, based on the amount of live crown that remains on the majority of the stems. The criteria for live crown remaining was to be greater than 30%. The target was to have approximately 50% removal post treatment, and a project objective to increase the growth potential of the regenerating stands by allowing them the growing space needed and eliminating overcrowding.

Experienced contractors were contracted in the first stage of two stages of the project, to assure accuracy of the treatment on the study areas. Provincial application standards for the application of the herbicide, and quality control were maintained throughout the project.

The primary goal of this Project was to reduce intra-species competition, thereby improving growth and eventual stand yields.

Objectives included basal bark application over 85% of the planned treatment area and manual stem girdling on the remaining 15%.

During September and October of 1998, approximately 124.7 hectares were treated utilizing the Basal Bark technique & the herbicide “Release”; and 22.9 hectares were manually girdled.

Follow-up measurements in the Summer of 2000 and the early Spring of 2001 revealed no significant response difference

Final Report

The complete findings of this project are contained in “Basal Bark Thinning Trials – Fir Road & Windfall.”

Pre-commercial Thinning
Basal bark treatments
Stand Management
Manual Girdling