Project Code: WEYDV-02-066
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Weyerhaeuser Company Limited

Object & Deliverables


This project goal was to summarize past and current mixedwood studies, and to address information needed to support yield projections of current mixedwood management practices.

The literature review focused on studies based in the mixedwood boreal forest of Alberta, Northeastern British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. All studies (ie. company trials, formal research projects, operation techniques, etc.) that had a direct bearing on spruce/aspen growth in a mixed stand were investigated. In January 2000, a workshop was held in Edmonton in which presenters provided their perceived requirements necessary for further mixedwood growth and yield research. Facilitated sessions with the workshop participants followed the presentations, and served to further address weaknesses in data or knowledge that would affect mixedwood growth and yield projections.

Final Report

The research review on mixedwood management of white spruce and trembling aspen stands was summarized and is available in the Mixedwood Research Database. In total, 204 records from 163 independent studies were included in the database. The workshop yielded written proceedings. Both the research review and the workshop identified information gaps that are addressed in the “Draft Research Plan” found in the workshop summary document.