Project Code: MWI-01-020
Program: FRIP
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.
Project Status:Complete

The objective of this project was to aerially treat satisfactorily restocked pre-May 1, 1995 harvested openings with herbicide (glyphosate) to control hardwood, herbaceous and grass competition. This was done to ensure that crop trees would be able to attain free-to-grow status within a reasonable time frame; to release trees from competition in order that they attain their maximum growth rates; and to ensure crop tree survival such that the regeneration openings remain fully stocked as they mature. 231.9 hectares were treated after determination of priority areas based on assessment of competition levels. Quality was ensured during the aerial spray through GPS guidance systems, by designating individuals to monitor the weather in each opening and keeping the pilot informed. Final results are captured in “Final Report – Project MW197-3, Aerial Spraying ALFS Responsibility Blocks – 1997” submitted by Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.