Project Code: HIWOOD-01-168
Program: FRIP
Sponsor:Hinton Wood Products - a Division of West Fraser Mills Ltd.
Project Status:Complete
During the 5-year span of this project from 2016-2021, FRIAA funds have supported Hinton Wood Products (HWP) and industry partners in our management and maintenance of 28 recreation sites on or adjacent to the Hinton and Edson FMA areas. The partnership between HWP, Teck Coal, Yellowhead County, the Town of Hinton, the Town of Edson, and Westmoreland Coal, is known as the Foothills Recreation Management Association (FRMA).
Since 2000, Hinton Wood Products has managed a large recreation program consisting of maintaining operating, and upgrading campgrounds and trail systems, which over the years has swelled to include 21 campsites and 8 trail systems. These services are provided because HWP and the members of the Foothills Recreation Management Association believe that providing the public with opportunities to recreate in the Hinton and Edson forest areas in a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment is part of our mandate as forest stewards of this land. Highlights from each operating year are described below.
· In 2016 minor upgrades were made to the McLeod Group and Gregg Cabin campgrounds, repairs were made to the parking lot at the Fairfax Lake campground day use areas, signage was upgraded, and new posters were produced and laminated, and a number of woodyards at the campgrounds had necessary clean-up completed.
· In 2017 a new recreation map was produced (10,000 copies), a new woodbin with a roof was constructed at the Obed Lake campground (the previous one was stolen), and minor upgrades were made to the Obed Lake, Emerson Lake, Fairfax Lake, McLeod Group, and Gregg Cabin campgrounds.
· In 2018, signs and signposts were replaced and a new picnic table and firepit installed at the Obed Lake Campground. At the Wildhorse/Kinky Lake campgrounds, 20 site markers, 2 picnic tables, and all signage were removed and replaced, along with constructing and erecting 2 kiosks.
· In 2019 a recreation survey was carried out, collecting feedback from 225 campers. Also completed this year was pumping of all campground toilets, construction and installation of a new payment vault at the Whitehorse Creek campground, picnic tables at the trailhead of the Wild Sculpture Trail were repaired. A full-page advertisement was place din the Hinton Visitor Guide advertising all the FRMA campgrounds. FRMA also contributed funds to help offset the cost of maintaining the Spruce Management Ski Trails. Finally, a holding tank from the outhouses still in the ground at an old campsite which was previously shut down (Willow/Wildhay campground) was emptied, removed, and properly disposed of.
· In 2020, FRMA took on the maintenance and operation of another campground (the Big Berland Campground) and shut down one campground (the Little Sundance Campground). A full-page advertisement was run again in the Hinton Visitor Guide. Finally, FRMA and the primary contractor for campground maintenance, Fox Creek Development Association, handled increased costs and workload due to a significant increase in demand on recreation sites caused by the COVID-19 pandemic forcing Albertans to vacation in the province.
HWP and FRMA plan to continue the management and maintenance of these recreation sites for the benefit of Albertans and all forest users. Another 5-year project proposal has already been started to continue to support the provision of these services to the public.
  • Maintenance of 28 campsites