Project Code: HIWOOD-01-119
Sponsor:Hinton Wood Products

The primary purpose of this Project was the assumption of responsibility for campground & trail maintenance/enhancement for a number of facilities previously managed by the Government of Alberta in the greater Hinton area.

Its objectives included updating Action Plans, contracting the services of two Conservation Officers, maintaining existing recreation facilities [campgrounds & trails], and upgrading of several campgrounds.

During late Spring, Summer, and early Fall of 2005:
* a three-year Recreation Action Plan was updated for the years 2005 to 2008 inclusive;
* twenty-four Recreation Sites were managed/maintained;
* two recreation areas at Rock Lake and McLeod River received "upgrades";
* the Greater Hinton Area Recreation Map was re-designed and re-printed;
* five Trail Maps were re-designed and re-printed;
* the "Special Places in the Forest" pamphlets & posters were re-printed; and
* donations were made in support of the Natural Resources Interpretative Park [$10,000.00] & the Hornbeck Ski Trails [$1,000.00].

Additionally, a compendium of mostly favourable "user comments" was included in the 2005 Performance Report.

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