Project Code: EDILA-01-006
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Edson and District

Longer term goals for this Project were maintaining the coniferous land base and increasing the potential for future sawlog production.

Supplementary objectives included ensuring that fully stocked stands met performance standards and continuing the development of local stand tending expertise.

Over the summer field season of 2002, 123.9 hectares of regenerated stands were mechanically tended utilizing brush saws at an overall cost of $601.49 per hectare. Additionally, the pre-tending assessments and layout for the 2003 Program were completed.

Project results are contained in a seven-page report entitled "2002 Final Report, Stand Tending", prepared by David Cobb, and dated March 11, 2003.

Mechanical Tending – Brush Saws
Density Management
Conifer Release
Weeding & Thinning