Project Code: WELD-01-089
Area:Field Operations
Sponsor:Weldwood of Canada Ltd.

The primary purpose of this Project was maintenance of the coniferous growing stock in already regenerated pre-1991 harvested cutblocks.

Objectives included cleaning and tending of the competing aspen and decidous shrubs within 2 meters of the established lodgepole pine.

During the Spring, Summer and Fall of the year 2001 – 1459 hectares were cleaned/tended at an average price of $471.84 per hectare. Additionally, 319 hectares were assessed on a pre-treatment basis and 250 hectares were laid out and surveyed as additional treatment areas.

Brush Saw/Girdling
Mechanical Tending
Density Management
Brushing and Weeding
Lodgepole Pine/Aspen