Project Code: BRL-01-039
Area:Inventory and Planning
Sponsor:Blue Ridge Lumber (1981)

The primary purpose of this Project was to carry out Pre-treatment Assessment Surveys to assist in the planning and priorization of those areas requiring followup stand treatment.

Project objectives included the collection of species, density, stocking, height, and diameter information on potential treatment areas, and the subsequent development of silviculture prescriptions on a block x block basis.

Over the Summer of the year 2000, a total area of 4,338.2 hectares were surveyed and 5,809 plots installed. Data collected included total density/stocking, conifer density/stocking/height, deciduous density/stocking/height, and shrub density/height. Silviculture prescriptions were provided for each block surveyed.

Blue Ridge Lumber
Stand Management Recommendations
Pre-treatment Assessments
Density management