Who We Are

The Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA) was established in 1997.  FRIAA's duties have been delegated by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry to promote and initiate projects that enhance Alberta's forest resources.

FRIAA’s goal is to continue sustaining and enhancing Alberta’s forests.

In keeping with its primary purpose, FRIAA is committed to the administration and delivery of various core programs over the years such as:

Additionally, three of the programs successfully fulfilled their objectives to the federal and provincial governments during the recent economic and forest industry downturn: 

Fire Hazard Reduction and Forest Health Program (FHRFHP)

The FHRFHP funded 102 projects focused on mitigating the impact of forest health issues and/or reducing the threat of wildfire devastating our communities and forest resources.

Forestry Workers Employment  Program (FWEP)

The FWEP focused on tree planning, stand tending and seedling growing business. It has provided employment during the difficult time of economic downturn.

CRP Enhancement Program

The CRP Enhancement Program provided employment through stand tending activities carried out on blocks originally harvested under the Community Timber Program.

Projects were completed on budget, on time and with quality results, owing to rigorous oversight, careful financial management, and strict quality control of all projects delivered under the program.

FRIAA is committed to delivering these programs and other initiatives within its mandate in an efficient and effective manner, to benefit all Albertans by enhancing forest resources, and improving the management of forest resources.


You can see the names of FRIAA's current Board of Directors here