Aspen Dynamics in Regenerating Stands in the Boreal Forest
Weyerhaeuser Company Limited
Lead Researcher: 
Victor Lieffers PhD, University of Alberta, Edmonton
The principal objective of this study was to understand the clonal dynamics of P. tremuloides in regards to suckering following clearcutting or suckering in the understory of relatively intact stands. The study focused on the factors controlling regeneration and growth of P. tremuloides in the boreal forest through the following three areas of research:

1. Slow growth rates of P. tremuloides suckers in low-density stands.
2. Impact of Calamagrostis canadensis on P. tremuloides growth rates.
3. Clonal control over suckering in the development of uneven-aged P. tremuloides stands. Field and laboratory work for each research area was completed between March 1997 and October 2004. The results of this study are summarized in seven individual reports and twenty-four published scientific papers.