Program Summary

Wildfire Reclamation Program (WRP)
Program summary

Funding will be provided in accordance with an agreement between the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) and the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA), to provide for the reclamation of cutblocks disturbed or destroyed by wildfire.  Eligible cutblocks will be those that were harvested and reforested at any time by industry or ESRD and subsequently destroyed by Specified Wildfires.

All affected parties will have an opportunity to utilize program funds to reclaim eligible cutblocks using generally accepted silvicultural methods applicable to establishing forest cover on the types of sites involved.  The silvicultural treatments used should be consistent with those designed to meet the then current performance standard and to achieve the objective of including the cutblocks areas treated under this program in the landbase used to determine the annual allowable cut.

ESRD and FRIAA will determine eligible cutblocks within Specified Wildfire Areas, for treatment under the program. When more than one party has an interest in a unit, the affected parties will agree on which blocks will be assigned to each firm.  Participants will apply for funds based on the eligible blocks that they propose to reclaim.  Once the assignment of cutblocks and funding level is complete, each participant will be accountable to FRIAA respecting the activities and expenditures on the approved cutblock areas and to ESRD regarding their meeting the then current performance standard.

Payments will be made to participating parties based on the agreed upon reclamation areas, silviculture strategy, and funding schedule.  The payment will be a set amount per hectare of eligible cutblocks and all funds must be used for approved silvicultural activities aimed at establishing forest cover leading to the establishment and performance standards.


  1. Promote a sustained yield of timber.
  2. Reclaim reforested cutblocks disturbed or destroyed by wildfire by stabilizing the site and re-establishing forest cover.
  3. Maintain and enhance the forest resource by replacing lost growing stock on reforested cutblocks disturbed or destroyed by wildfire.


The scope of this program includes productive forest land that has been harvested and reforested at any time and subsequently disturbed or destroyed by specified wildfires. Specifically, the following defines the scope of this initiative:

  • The reforested cutblocks within the Specified Wildfire Area must have been actively treated by a forestry company or the Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD), with the objective of meeting the applicable reforestation standard.
  • The growth and development of regeneration on the burnt-over area must be impaired at least to the point where the applicable reforestation standard is unlikely to be met.