Program Details

Wildfire Reclamation Program (WRP)
Program details

  1. Eligible cutblocks
  2. Funding
  3. Use of Funds
  4. Access to Funds
  5. Reporting

1. Eligible cutblocks
Eligible cutblocks are those that:

  • Are within the specified wildfire area.
  • Were harvested and actively reforested at any time aimed at meeting the applicable reforestation standard.
  • Have growth and development of regeneration on the burnt-over area impaired at least to the point where the applicable reforestation standard is unlikely to be met.

2. Funding

Funding will be transferred from ASRD to FRIAA to support the reclamation initiative.  Funding will be based on the total area identified within the Specified Wildfire Area multiplied by an amount per hectare to be determined in accordance with the grant agreement.   Program funds will be allocated to participants on the basis of the eligible cutblocks area that has been approved at a rate set by FRIAA.  The rate will recognize expenses associated with the development, administration, and management of the program.

3. Use of funds and eligible expenditures
The funds must be used for direct expenditures on silvicultural treatments on blocks assigned to the company. Eligible expenditures include:

  • Pre-treatment survey costs
  • Site preparation costs
  • Seedling or seed costs
  • Planting costs
  • Seeding costs
  • Vegetation controlcosts
  • Regeneration survey costs
  • Associated administrative costs
  • Other appropriate silviculture costs

The activities must be consistent with reasonable silvicultural practices aimed at establishing forest cover leading to the Establishment and Performance Survey standards.

Funds are to be used on the group of cutblocks identified for reclamation under this Program.   Note that participants aren’t limited to spend the per hectare allotment on each individual cutblock, it is possible to allocate the total funding as needed to the group of cutblocks on the list.

4. Access to funds
Participants may secure approval for a defined level of program funds by preparing and submitting the following for approval by FRIAA:

  • A list of cutblocks and areas that they will be reclaiming under the program.
  • A silviculture strategy outlining the site conditions, treatments to be applied, and the timing of treatments. This should be a preview or summary of an appropriate silvicultural work plan.
  • Payment schedule linking activities with expected payments from the fund.

Funds will be paid to the company in stages that relate to suitable benchmarks for the reclamation activities carried out. Approved payment schedules will balance the cash flow requirements of each participant with the control and accountability requirements of FRIAA.

5. Reporting requirements
Each company will be required to submit reports as required by FRIAA. Once a company completes its reclamation program, it must submit a final report to FRIAA detailing both the activities carried out and the expenditures as follows:

a) Activity report

- A final list of cutblocks and areas retreated.

- A description of silvicultural work performed on each cutblock, including the site  preparation, planting or seeding practices employed.

- Completed regeneration establishment survey, if carried out.

b) Financial report

For each cutblock, a detailed cost breakdown of expenditures identifying expenses related to the various cost categories, including:

- Site preparation costs

- Seedling/seed costs

- Planting/seeding costs

- Transportation costs

- Vegetation control costs

- Survey costs

- Administration costs